Saturday, July 22, 2017

Potato harvest

I dug the last of my potatoes this morning.  They could have been dug a week or two ago perhaps. 
Here is the Yukon Gold harvest.  (Caleb's pic.)
Here is the Kennebec harvest.

I had bought about 2 lbs. of Yukon Gold and about 3 lbs. of Kennebec seed potatoes.  The harvest was about 8 lbs. Yukon Gold and about 24 lbs. Kennebec.  That's not precise on the Yukon Gold.  There are about 6 lbs. in the bucket, but I'm estimating the new potatoes I cooked on Memorial Day and the potato hill I dug for one night's supper might add a couple of pounds.  Of course, if I had let the new potatoes grow to full size, the harvest would have been a little bigger.
That was a good return on the Kennebec.
It was a lot of work, though, when you consider how cheaply one can buy potatoes at the grocery store.  On the other hand, these were grown without chemical pesticides and haven't been sprayed with sprout inhibitors.
Also, the garden bed is practically ready for a fall crop of kale or cauliflower or something.


  1. Good looking harvest. Potatoes a great all round food, love 'em. I have NEVER raised potatoes, dad & Mom did. A friend was trying a raised bed (?)for potatoes a few years back somehow he harvested them with his tractor lift. He reported a good harvest, but I never did see the bed nor the harvest.
    AH ha, fall crops. I once called my mom from Missouri and said, "My turnips are bitter, what is wrong?" She said, "Son this is July you are not supposed to have turnips, that is a fall crop.

    That was the first time I heard of a Fall crop! LOL

  2. Our potato harvest was thin this year, but we enjoyed what we got.