Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter "wonder" land

Yesterday, we got a mix of wintry precipitation.  Most of it was sleet, but we did get a little freezing rain.  Overnight we got a little dusting of snow.  It would make great sledding, but our little plastic sled bit the dust a few years ago.  In addition, my little sledding partner has grown up and has other interests.  And that brings me to the post title: "wonder."  Darling husband must needs be on the road as a courier and darling son must "needs" be out and about for personal reasons.  I'm at home "wondering" if they are okay on the highway.  I felt I must needs periodically try to clear my windshield in case I am called on to fetch someone from a ditch.  I swept the walk every time I went out to clear my windshield.  It's an uphill battle while the sleet is still falling, but I made a valiant effort.  This morning, I had to sweep mostly snow, but the walk is fairly clear.  The roads are quite another story.  Darling son was stranded at his girlfriend's house, but darling husband fetched him.  A front-wheel drive makes a difference.  Darling son decided he was willing to walk to see his girlfriend today, but darling husband offered to chauffeur.  I didn't want him out on the road on my account, but there was a sale at the grocery store today which I thought he might take advantage of since he was going to be out anyway.  This afternoon, he fetched darling son once more.  Ah, both my men safe at home!  Then... the phone rings... pickers calling.  Darling husband was starting to get a bit of cabin fever anyway, and darling son hopes the picking and grinning host will feed him heartily as she usually does. 
I will enjoy a little "me" time this evening, do a few chores, and "wonder" if they will be okay on the roads.


  1. The pictures are very good. We really do not miss it, but know it is beautiful. Worry? Concern? It is impossible not to think about it. good idea, and good you didn't need it, the cleaning the windshields. YOu are such a 'planner'. That is good.
    Love from cold florida, okay, cool it is 40* here. But it will warm up shortly and we will have the 70's we are supposed to have.
    Stay warm!

  2. I fret when my folks are out on bad roars too. I don't think there's any way around it. The pictures are lovely.