Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Red sky at night--shepherd's delight

The rhyme about the red sky has been around for ages.  Some say sailors, some say shepherds.  I think we usually quoted it as
                                    Red in the morning, shepherds take warning;
                                    Red at night, shepherds' delight. 
Last night as I sat in the office about sunset, I noticed the shed glowing orangey pink.  I knew there had to be a spectacular sunset for there to be that much reflection on the shed.  I ran to the living room and saw a very dramatic sky.  The image I captured with my camera hardly does it justice. 

Sure enough, the weather today is delightful, and the towels on the clothesline sway in the breeze.


  1. Oh yes, that is a spectacular shot. I know what you mean about the picture not doing it justice. I wish a camera could catch the /real beauty, but as is said, 'you have to be there.'
    Of course my quote is 'Sailors' ;-)
    sending love and hugs from a beautiful day in Florida!

  2. The last clothes I remember hanging out was Diapers.. over 50 years ago! OUCH! (WE hung more out, but I remember the the diapers!)

  3. Very nice. We haven't hung clothes on the line since storms blew the tree down that our clothesline was attached to.