Saturday, September 12, 2015

This town (window) ain't big enough for both of us

Last summer I noticed the gray tree frog (with yellow under its legs) on my window.  I think it hibernates in a cubby hole in the window sill.  This year I was noticing it again.  However, recently, I began seeing the green tree frog, which is a little smaller.  One night I saw the gray tree frog hanging onto the edge of the window sill while the green tree frog was on the window.  The night after I took the picture of the green tree frog, the gray one was back.  I hoped I had not blinded the green one with the flash from the camera.  Not to worry, tonight the green one was back.  I saw the green one catch a large moth.  Then the gray tree frog appeared as well.  I watched as it crawled toward the green one.
Suddenly, the gray tree frog charged the green one, and the green one either fell or leaped.  Now the gray tree frog has claimed the whole window territory.  I guess that makes him a bull-y frog.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha I guess so. You sure find some interesting critters! ;-)