Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A wild Christmas tree

I like a live Christmas tree that is also free, so I usually find something in the yard to cut.  This year I found a limb on one of the Leylands that I thought would be suitable.  This particular Leyland is a variegated one which I rooted myself from cuttings I got from someone else's tree about 20 years ago.  (That makes me feel old.)  I cut it myself with my trusty little bow saw.
From one side, it looks fairly reasonable:
From the back side, it looks like a wild thing!  The Leyland cypress is a hybrid, and one of the parents is the Monterey cypress.  I like to imagine this wild thing being a windblown cypress on the Monterey cliffs, perhaps a bit like the iconic Lone Cypress of Pebble Beach.
I noticed there were some scars on the branches from the April 2015 hailstorm.  This tree definitely has character.  I think the variegation gives it a unique look.
Except for two ornaments darling son placed, I decorated the tree myself, though I prevailed upon darling son to provide some live music for me while I did the deed.  He obliged with a nylon string guitar and a nice assortment of well-played Christmas songs.
I always like putting the little wooden horse ornament on.  It was made by my older sister and younger brother many years ago.  It is a thoroughly charming ornament to me.
I have a new ornament to put on the tree this year--an adorable crocheted angel made for me by my friend Lea.  (If the halo is a little crooked, it's probably because the angel was hanging out with Lea and me.)

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, you surely are a wild thing!



  1. Lots of intimate thoughts here. I love the idea of the 'tree' being something personal. I'm smiling thinking of the 'family' feeling with Caleb lightly bending the NYLON strings as you decorate, how sweet.

  2. Just now catching up on the blogs.. whew.. yep, if any angel is gonna have a crooked halo its going to be one that hangs out with you and me! still not sure why I can't post with my typepad account... but hey, you know who I am LOL...right now I am pretty much feeling our next adventure should be somewhere south... like the Keyes, not lovin on this cold one bit!