Thursday, September 8, 2016

...and Monday afternoon walk

The weather was nice again Monday afternoon, and dh and I took a stroll around the botanical gardens.  I had already spent quite a bit of time walking behind a mower that morning, so I didn't feel like anything more vigorous than a stroll.  We did chance to meet Mr. Allen De Hart, himself.  He and Mrs. Benton were treating fire ant hills.
Each season there brings new flowers into bloom.  By the lake, I saw a silver-spotted skipper on some ironweed.
The turtles are to be seen most any season.

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  1. It is time for my walk here in South CArolina. But yesterday in the woods near Orlando I did see a giant land turtle (he did not see me) really moving on, he was moving with purpose. I did not want to slow him down, I just watched.

    I like the butter fly shot, I cannot seem to get one picture of a butterfly.