Friday, December 2, 2016

Out and about

Yesterday, I had a chance to get out and about with my friend Lea.  It was a refreshing day, so nice to have a change of pace.
Here are some pictures of some sights we saw.

boats at a marina as we cross a bridge
osage orange fruit
 the fall colors of a water oak against a blue sky
a white musk rose, still blooming on Dec. 1 because of the heat retained by the stone wall and stone slabs in a cemetery
 an absolutely lovely ancient white oak
 ancient Eastern red cedars, full of foliage, full of character

Hi Lea, what will we be up to next?


  1. Strange things happening tonight. This is the third attempt, I betcha I copy this one. I made the comments, it said posting but did not.
    Thanks for taking us along on your outing with Lea. Love the pictures (especially the boats), but I do like old cedars. I seldom see large cedars and I have often wondered why.
    Anyway glad you guys got out and I enjoyed the visit.

  2. That went so well I thought I would do another LOL

    Love from Florida

  3. I can guarantee it will be an adventure.... no matter what it is ~ Lea